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Reshape Your Body in Hours with LipoLite – A Body Sculpting Procedure

Struggling with excess fat deposits around your belly, arms, under your chin and around your thighs and buttocks? It is estimated that as much as 80% of men and women around the world are unhappy with their bodies. It is not easy trying to lose weight and even those who exercise and diet excessively cannot condition their bodies to perfection in those problem areas. You see, everybody’s genetic make-up is different, shapes and sizes vary and where your body decides to store those fat deposits is a genetic decision.

In truth, excessive exercise can lead to overly large calves and thighs, and dieting takes serious commitment and motivation, something that not every individual has the time or the patience for. Even if you do sign up for a punishing Pilates or spinning regimen, it could take years before you achieve your goals! But why wait? Act now with body sculpting laser liposuction from the Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Pretoria!

It is now possible to have different parts of your body reshaped and sculptured in any way that you choose. That’s right! Take 1 hour out of your day, like your lunch break, and remove those nasty bingo wings (fat deposits under your arms) once and for all. Or, if you don’t like that extra roll around your belly, remove it with minimally invasive body sculpturing laser liposuction!

About Our LipoLite Body Sculpture Procedure

At the Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Pretoria we can offer you body sculpting through a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure called LipoLite. Imagine being able to sculpture and contour your body, like a sculptor creating elegant contours in a work of art. Well that is exactly what we can do for you. Any body part that has lost its youthful shape – whether it is your love handles, stomach, back, thighs, underarms, buttocks, chin, neck, knees or any other problem area – can all be treated. LipoLite treats small areas that traditional liposuction simply cannot.

At Body Sculpting Medical Spa, we believe that every physique is a master piece, and our LipoLite body sculpting procedure has provided many women and men throughout South Africa a unique opportunity to get back into shape much faster than a diet or exercise regime. It is the best and most innovative procedure used on the market today to remove stubborn body fat that just will not go away.

How LipoLite body sculpting works is quite simple and it is much safer and much less painful than traditional liposuction. LipoLite works in a similar way as conventional liposuction, except that the tube (cannula) inserted into the skin is designed with an optical fibre that carries a high-energy laser beam. When the laser is charged to full power, it liquefies any fat it touches, making it easier to extract using the same incision. With only one treatment you will be back to work in two days, but your body will continue to improve over the next six to eight weeks, with optimal results.

LipoLite body sculpting is able to sculpture your body to perfection, while tightening and toning your skin at the same time. It only requires local anaesthesia, with no hospital admission, ensuring minimal downtime. There really is no need to be living in a body that makes you unhappy. Why not change your shape and rediscover your curves today.

We, the team at Body Sculpting Medical Clinic are the body sculpture experts! A procedure like ours is a life changing experience that can give you back your youthful look again, make you feel sexy and give you back the confidence you had when you were in your 20s!

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