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Safe and Effective Laser Liposuction as Slimming Treatment

People of all ages are affected by cellulite. The unsightly skin dimpled effect is often enough reason to shy away from pool parties. Likewise, flab around the thighs, waist, underarms, knees, upper legs, back, chin and stomach can be embarrassing. Unfortunately our hectic lifestyles contribute to the formation of fat deposits at the areas mentioned. Even with exercise and well-planned diets, people still struggle to get rid of the last stubborn fat. With such fat deposits, even if minimal, you may also experience loose skin.

Difference between Conventional and Laser Liposuction

Conventional liposuction isn’t suitable for removal of small deposits of localised fat. Though it’s used for larger volumes of fat removal and even so, you may still need an additional treatment such as LipoLite™ to target the last bit of stubborn fat. Whereas conventional liposuction is invasive and entails full anaesthesia as well as days to weeks of down-time after treatment, LipoLite™ only requires a local anaesthetic to the treatment area, two days from work and is also minimally invasive. With the laser technique used in the LipoLite™ treatment you can expect less bruising, swelling, and bleeding than you’ll experience with conventional liposuction.

Laser Liposuction Effectiveness

The revolutionary and safe treatment is highly effective and small changes are visible almost immediately after the swelling has subsided. You’ll see more dramatic results within 6-8 weeks and gradual improvements over the next months. The treatment results are measured in centimetres rather than weight loss. You can thus expect to drop a pant size or two if done around the waist, buttocks and upper legs.

Cellulite also disappears simply because fibrous bands that cause cell tethering are broken down. In addition, collagen formation is promoted to ensure tightening of the skin. Evidently you get three major benefits from the treatment:

Many people only require one treatment per area, but the number of treatments can differ according to the fat volume, size and the areas to be treated. The doctor will assess and provide you with detailed information about the number of treatments you require at your initial consultation.

Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

Prepare to take a day off from work for the treatment and we recommend taking the day off after the treatment as well. Avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks after treatment. We do, however, recommend light non-impact exercise, loads of fluid, and a following healthy eating plan. You’ll need to wear an elasticised garment for the next 14 days after treatment and may also need to take a course of antibiotics.

The doctor will advise you on any pre-treatment care upon on your first consultation. We recommend avoiding any type of blood thinners before treatment as to avoid bruising.

How does it Work?

The treatment, going by the name of laser lipolysis in cosmetic circles, is a safe and minimally invasive localised fat removal technique. With this treatment thousands of women longing for slimmer and well-toned bodies now have the opportunity to get rid of unwanted fat.

With our LipoLite™ treatment an optical fibre is used for delivering laser heat to fat cells. With this method we can target even unusually small areas safely to break down the fat, which is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin. The laser helps to seal off minor blood vessels and promotes collagen formation for a sculpted end-result. Treatment areas include the thighs, knees, chin, buttocks, back, stomach, love handles and under arms.

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