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Get a Bikini Body this Sumer from the Top Laser Lipo Clinic in Johannesburg

With winter leaving and summer arriving, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your bikini body back. If you have been dieting and working out at the gym at least 5 days a week, just to tone up and rid your body of that excess winter weight, it can not only be frustrating to find that you have stubborn pockets of fat that just won't shift, but also a little disconcerting. If you feel like you have lost the war against your stubborn fatty deposits, then why don’t you consider visiting the top laser lipo clinic in Johannesburg, for quick, safe and effective fat and cellulite removal!

Because there is a growing global trend and demand for safe, instant and pain-free minimally-invasive lipo treatments, there are a number of lipo clinics that have surfaced throughout South Africa, all offering different types of laser liposuction. But one lipo clinic that has really stood head and shoulders above the rest is the Body Sculpting Medical Spa.

Distinguished for our sustainable reputation of patient history and happy clients, we are simply the leading go-to lipo clinic in Johannesburg, where patients can find an extensive team of highly ranked and renowned medical doctors all under one roof, who specialise in LipoLite and VelaShape, as well as cosmetic dermatologists, who specialise in Chemical Peels, Botox & Fillers, Weight Loss and Skin Rejuvenation.

About LipoLite Lunch Time Lipo

Just for a moment, imagine the possibility of being able to quickly dart out during your lunch break to remove that stubborn fat around your tummy, under your chin, around your neck or around your arms? Well, with the latest revolutionary fat and cellulite blasting technology of LipoLite, or otherwise known as Lunchtime Lipo, you can do this and more. Effectively treating smaller areas on your body and face, that gym, diet and traditional Liposuction cannot, LipoLite causes fat cells to break up. Through the non-selective heating of adipose tissue, your hard to reach fat can be removed in just over an hour!

Simply pop into our lipo clinic in Johannesburg during your lunch break and we will make a tiny incision where we will insert a fine cannula with an optical fibre, which carries a high laser energy beam beneath your skin. This will simply liquefy your fat and suction it right out. As easy as that!

Painless and quick, LipoLite is far more advanced than surgical lipo, as it also has the added advantage of sealing off the blood vessels, thus encouraging your body to produce dermal collagen, which is the main protein that gives skin its youthful skin tightening tone and texture. This is a procedure that is especially beneficial for woman over their 40s who want to give their body a young and firmer summer bikini-body look. Additionally, there are no stitches, no blood loss and no hospitalisation, and depending on the amount of areas that you would like to have done, this innovative and safe procedure can be done at our lipo clinic within an hour or two.

LipoLite is the NO exercise and NO diet programme way to effortlessly liquefy inches of fat away, and sculpt your body to bikini-body perfection. For more information about our LipoLite treatment, schedule a time for a consultation at our lipo clinic today.

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