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A Clinic at the Forefront of Laser Liposuction Technology

Feeling down about those stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to leave, despite your daily painful workouts and healthy Paleo diet? Getting rid of fat and cellulite is not a new obsession. Our society has long been obsessed with excellence, whether it is a perfect symmetrical nose, wrinkle free botoxed face or a perfectly thin cellulite-free contoured body, everyone wants to look perfect and flaunt a sexy bikini body.

In the last few years, laser liposuction technology has grown in leaps and bounds among men and women across the world, and has made it easier to remove unwanted stubborn fat. Thanks to this global wave of interest, there are a number of lipo clinics throughout South Africa offering different types of laser liposuction. But one clinic that has really stood out amongst the rest is the Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Johannesburg. At Body Sculpting Medical Spa, we are the top and leading lipo clinic in Johannesburg that has a team of medical doctors specialising in LipoLite, also known as lunchtime lipo.

About our LipoLite Procedure

LipoLite is the latest revolutionary fat blasting technology (also known as laser-assisted lipolysis). It is the hybrid version of surgical liposuction and how it works is simply incredible. Just for a moment, imagine popping out of the office during your one hour lunch break for a quick painless fat removal procedure. Well, that is how LipoLite works (we do not call it lunchtime Lipo for nothing). It really only takes an hour for each problem area and the best part is that it can treat those small areas that traditional liposuction, diet and exercise cannot, such as the face, neck, back, bra line, buttocks, chin, knees, love handles, stomach, thighs (inner and outer) and underarms, and even the male breast can be treated too!

But we have saved the best part for last. LipoLite does not just remove fat – our procedure takes it ten steps further. LipoLite seals off the blood vessels, thus prompting your body to produce new collagen which is the main protein that gives the skin its firm tone and smooth bump-free texture. The more collagen that you have, the tighter and firmer your body will be. Furthermore, the results are permanent! Once performed, the removed fat cells are gone and will never create new fat cells again. Additionally, there are no stitches, anaesthesia, blood loss and no hospitalisation is required, ensuring minimal downtime. It can all be done at our lipo clinic within an hour.

At Body Sculpting Medical Spa, we are a lipo clinic at the forefront of laser liposuction technology, able to sculpture and contour your body to bikini perfection, while tightening and toning your skin at the same time. There really is no need to be living in a body that makes you unhappy. Why spend months or even years at the gym fighting with stubborn fat deposits that are not going anywhere, when you can spend your lunch break at the leading lipo clinic in Johannesburg and have it quickly and painlessly lasered away? For more information about our laser liposuction procedures, schedule an appointment with us today.

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