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Say Goodbye to Painful Plastic Surgery with Laser Liposuction and Fat Removal

Not all people are blessed with a perfectly contoured body. In fact, most women cannot bear to look at their own naked body when looking into a mirror. Do you fall into this category? Do you eat healthily and exercise religiously, yet are still plagued by stubborn fat deposits and cellulite around noticeable parts of your body that simply refuse to go away? To not be happy about your appearance can be a distressing and concerning state for most people. If you are someone who has tried every diet and every exercise regimen yet still cannot get rid of your excess fat and cellulite, you need not get disappointed because we have an easy and safe solution for you – fat removal with minimally invasive liposuction!

Ask yourself this question: would you rather spend 6 months to a few years at the gym or would you rather spend an hour at a body sculpting clinic? Many people choose laser liposuction and fat removal because of the way that it can instantly change their bodies – it only takes an hour for each problem area!

The best part of our liposuction and fat removal procedure is that it can remove fat and cellulite on any problem area – back, buttocks, chin, knees, love handles, stomach, thighs (inner and outer) and underarms. We can treat those small areas that traditional liposuction cannot. Our procedures do not just remove the fat and cellulite, but takes it a step further by tightening the skin and reshaping your entire body as a whole. Sounds like just what you need? Keep reading to learn more about our LipoLite liposuction and fat removal procedure.

The Procedure

Laser liposuction (laser Lipolysis) is a revolutionary fat removal technique that allows for fast recovery, minimal trauma and much better results than traditional liposuction; it can also be done under local anaesthetic. The procedure is fairly sophisticated and simple. A fine, thin tube (cannula) with an optical fibre that carries a high-energy beam is inserted beneath the skin. When this laser beam is charged to full power, it instantly liquefies the fat, making it quick and easy to suction out. At the same time, the laser seals off the blood vessels, prompting your body to release collagen, a natural substance responsible for giving the skin strength and elasticity.

The Results

The results are permanent! Once performed the removed fat cells are gone and will not create new fat cells. Because the incisions are so small, pain is minimal and there is no scarring and blood loss which helps to ensure that minimal swelling occurs. This is an outpatient procedure with no downtime, so you will be back at work within 2 days at the most. Because of these remarkable results, many people seek out this type of liposuction fat removal procedure. Once healed, your body will look perfectly sculpted; in fact you will look amazing!

Say goodbye to painful plastic surgery procedures, crash diets that do not work, endless hours of spinning, running and Pilates. If you are interested in learning more about our LipoLite liposuction and fat removal procedure, contact Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Pretoria today.

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