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Set Your Body Free from Flabby Arms, Thighs and Bellies with Non-invasive Liposuction

Extra body fat seems to find new un-shapely homes on our bodies as we progress in age – that is the best way to put it. Here is the cold fact: The older we get, the flabbier our bodies become, but this need not be as depressing as it sounds. However, no matter how you look at it, excess body fat feels uncomfortable and we simply want it gone!  Responsibly, we start an exercise program and begin trying to eat more healthily. Yet the flab itself is a discouragement. Fortunately, technology has yielded a fat-reduction system that is revolutionising body-enhancement and setting bodies free from flabby arms, thighs and bellies – non-invasive liposuction!

Liposuction has typically been a method to eliminate excess fat from specific areas utilising suction strategies. The treatment has always been quite successful, however as a result of the attributes of the procedure, the rehabilitation period is long and the trauma sustained by the physical body is considerable, including bruising, puffiness, sutures, and inflammation could be expected after a typical traditional liposuction procedure. Obviously this fades over time, but a long recuperation period isn't really always ideal for most people. Non-invasive liposuction on the other hand has the benefit of much less trauma to the body with an almost zero recuperation time.

How safe is non-invasive liposuction?

Non-invasive liposuction is one of the best options for individuals who are looking to get rid of unwanted fatty deposits. Everyone can now get the benefits of liposuction without the downside of actual surgery. You don't have to worry about the long recovery time associated with the surgical version or with the unpleasantness of scarring. If you have areas of fatty tissue that do not respond to dieting and exercise, it may be time to look at non-invasive liposuction. Consider how well it can work to solve some of your trouble spots – arms, thighs, tummy, bottom and neck.

Only a local anaesthetic is needed. This helps to reduce the negative side effects many people have from general anaesthesia. In addition, there is very little to no loss of blood which helps to ensure that minimal swelling occurs. Because the incisions are so small, pain is also minimal after having this non-invasive procedure. It is an outpatient procedure with no downtime; so many people will be able to go back to work within 2 days at the most. This means you do not have to check into a hospital, as most doctors perform it in their clinic, rather than at medical centres. The results are permanent; once performed, the removed fat cells are gone, and do not create new fat cells. Because of this, many people seek out this type of liposuction over others that allow the cells to reform.

Non-invasive liposuction is the perfect choice for men and women who are in good general health but have stubborn areas of fat on specific areas of their bodies that resist to diet and exercise; these facts as well as the lack of unrealistic expectations from the patient’s side make the ideal candidate for a liposuction treatment.
As you consider whether non-invasive liposuction is the right option for your needs, schedule a time for a consultation with us at Body Sculpting Medical Spa. Our surgeons will talk to you about your options and offer opinions about whether or not this treatment is the right one for you. Often times, it is one of the best options for those who want to get rid of those unsightly fatty problem areas once and for all!

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