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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Minimally Invasive Lipo Treatment

Have you noticed that everyone is using minimally invasive lipo treatment these days to sculpt their bodies, or to rid their bodies of unwanted excess fat and cellulite? Weight loss has always been tough. It is not as simple as going on a raw juice diet, swallowing a diet pill or spending 5 hours a week running the treadmill. If it were, everyone would look like Jennifer Aniston or Kim Kardashian!

Yes, weight loss is not easy and even when you have lost your excess weight, there are always those really hard to reach places where the fat cells are prominent for the world to see, such as under the chin, around the upper arms, belly, thighs and bra area. The reality is, there is always that stubborn fat and cellulite that is never going to budge no matter what you do, and this is when laser lipo treatment comes to the rescue! If you have been considering liposuction, here are some reasons why you should use minimally invasive lipo treatment on your body.

What is Minimally Invasive Lipo Treatment?

Laser Lipo treatment, also known as LipoLite or lunchtime Lipo, is a new sophisticated and revolutionary minimally invasive procedure that does something that no fitness regimen or diet in the world can do. It is a procedure that is much safer and much less painful than traditional liposuction. Laser lipo treatment works in a similar way as conventional liposuction, except that the tiny tube (cannula) inserted into the skin is designed with an optical fibre that carries a high-energy laser beam. When the laser is charged to full power, it liquefies any fat that it touches, making it easier to extract using the same small incision.

What You Can Expect With Laser Lipo Treatment

Laser lipo treatment is a minimally-invasive, safe, precise and easier procedure that really works, offering incredible and noticeable sculptured and contoured results within hours. Compared to traditional liposuction, there is minimal discomfort, minimal downtime and minimal bruising, with no blood loss or stitches. It does not require any hospitalisation and can be done under local anaesthesia in your surgeon’s room. The procedure takes just under one hour per area, and you can return to your job and daily activities in a day or two.

But the truly best part about this procedure is that it permanently destroys your fat cells! The areas that have been treated will never ever develop fat cells again, which is a remarkable improvement from traditional surgical liposuction. Additionally, the laser also encourages collagen retraction and tissue tightening, further increasing the body sculpting and contouring procedure. Finally, you can have that drop-dead gorgeous body that you have always dreamed about! There you have it – some excellent reasons why you should use lipo treatment over any other option.

It is an established fact that laser lipo treatment (LipoLite) brings about successful and permanent results. However, the outcome is also dependant on your surgeon of choice. It is important that you only consult with a reliable, established and experienced surgeon from an advanced plastic surgery facility, such as the Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Johannesburg. Contact us to find out if you are good candidate for the procedure and let’s get you ready for summer.

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