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Modern Liposuction Clinic
Some Clinics Now Offer Patients a Minimally-Invasive Liposuction Procedure

Non-Invasive Lipo
Non-Invasive Lipo Sounds Like a Contradiction

Lipo Clinic Pretoria
A Pretoria Clinic That Offers Minimally-Invasive, Ultrasonic Lipo Treatments

Fat Removal Services Gauteng
Choosing from the Various Fat-Removal Services Available in Gauteng

Non Invasive Laser Liposuction Clinic
A Less Invasive Form of Liposuction

Fat Removal and Liposuciton
Fat Removal and Body-Contouring Procedures at a Liposuction Clinic

Body Sculpture Services
A Guide to Chemical Peels and How They Benefit Skin

Liposuction Clinic and More
Undergoing Liposuction at a Clinic vs Medical Spa Treatments

Facial Masks and Peels
A Guide to Chemical Peels and How They Benefit Skin

Lipo Treatment Services
Minimally-Invasive Laser Lipo in Just 1 Hour

Chemical Peels
A Guide to Chemical Peels and How They Benefit Skin

Fat Reduction Laser Lipo
Minimally-Invasive Laser Lipo in Just 1 Hour

Belly Fat Removal
Melts Fat and Tightens Skin Permanently

Ultra Z Liposuction
The Latest Contender in the Arena of Minimally-Invasive Liposuction

Non Invasive Liposuction
Non Invasive Procedures offer a Comfortable Body Contouring Option

Lunchtime Lipo
the Solution for Everyone with a Busy Schedule

Liposuction Services
Towards Less Invasive and More Affordable Liposuction Services

Botox Fillers
Botox and Fillers Rank as the Most Popular Aesthetic Services

Permanent Makeup Services
Permanent Makeup Services Address a Variety of Common Cosmetic Problems

Lunchtime Liposuction
Lunchtime Liposuction Offers a Shortcut to a Shapely New Look

Easy Fat Removal
Quicker, Safer, Cheaper and Highly Effective

Laser Liposuction
Effective and Affordable Treatments for Stubborn Fat Deposits

Find a Lipo Clinic Near You
Knowing that there’s an outstanding lipo clinic near you – our medical spa

Body Sculpture Services
Safe, Minimally-invasive Body Sculpting Services

Clinic of Liposuction
Most Popular Cosmetic Clinical/Medical Procedures

Non Surgical Liposuction Clinic
Essential Information about Traditional Liposuction

Easy Lipo Treatment
Lipo Treatment’s Modern, Minimally Invasive Options

More About Us
Medical Spas Offer Proven Body Sculpting Solutions

Fast Lunchtime Liposuction
Lunchtime Liposuction is Fast, Effective, Affordable and Only Minimally Invasive

Laser and Lipo Treatment
Laser Treatment and Lipo Can Make Life-changing Transformations a Reality

Lipo Clinic
A Lipo Clinic That Can Change Your Life

Easy Fat Removal
Sculpt Your Figure into Shape with an Easy Fat Removal Procedure

Remove Fat
Reduce Your Cellulite with Fat Removal Services

A Clinic at the Forefront of Laser Liposuction Technology

Fat Removal
Fat Removal Services to Help You Melt Fat and Tighten Skin

Lipo Clinic Services
Get a Bikini Body this Sumer from the Top Laser Lipo Clinic in Johannesburg

Laser Liposuction
The Advantages of Laser Liposuction

Lipo Treatment
Top Reasons Why You Should Use Minimally Invasive Lipo Treatment

Body Sculpture and Sculpting
Body Sculpture and Sculpting with Laser LipoLite

Non-Surgical Lipo Suction
Non-Surgical Lipo Suction or Knife? Which One is Right for You?

Body Sculpture - A Body Sculpting Procedure
Reshape Your Body in Hours with LipoLite – A Body Sculpting Procedure

Liposuction and Fat Removal - BS Medical Spa
Say Goodbye to Painful Plastic Surgery with Laser Liposuction and Fat Removal

Lunchtime Lipo Treatment – The Answer to Every Women’s Prayers!
Imagine the possibility of quickly popping out the office during your lunch break and heading down to the Body Sculpting Medical Spa for a quick spot of Lipo treatment?

Discover the Best Technique for Cellulite and Fat Removal
Are you someone who just can’t seem to shake that fat off!  Have you tried everything? Perhaps you’ve spent a fortune on gyming and have tried running on the treadmill daily, sweating buckets at spinning classes twice a week

Set Your Body Free from Flabby Arms, Thighs and Bellies with Non-invasive Liposuction
Extra body fat seems to find new un-shapely homes on our bodies as we progress in age – that is the best way to put it. Here is the cold fact: The older we get, the flabbier our bodies become, but this need not be as depressing as it sounds.

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Minimally Invasive Laser Lipo
Muffin top, cottage cheese thighs, arms and bottoms, love handles…these are all terminologies we would rather not have describe aspects of our body. Would you like to share the secrets of the stars to a more contoured, firmer and fat-free body?

Safe and Effective Laser Liposuction as Slimming Treatment
People of all ages are affected by cellulite. The unsightly skin dimpled effect is often enough reason to shy away from pool parties. Likewise, flab around the thighs, waist, underarms, knees, upper legs, back, chin and stomach can be embarrassing.

Safe and Effective Laser Lipo Treatment for Localised Fat Removal
Don’t have the time for extensive body sculpting, but want a well-toned body, free of cellulite and flab? If you’ve answered yes, we welcome you to the 21st century alternative to conventional liposuction.

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